Benefits of implementing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager

Created on: 18/11/2020

Google Analytics is an extremely useful tool to track users’ interactions on your website: it allows you to understand what they do on your platform and where they came from. Implementing it correctly can however be challenging, so we thought of sharing some tips that will hopefully help you in this process.

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Taggernauta - GTM Audits Made Easy

Created on: 09/11/2020

Remember the feeling you had when working on that huge Google Tag Manager account with loads of containers that had 100+ tags, triggers and variables? It seemed like you’re floating in space with no control over what information you were collecting from your website or what data was leaving your business. This is exactly why we’ve created Taggernauta: it is an online data governance tool that helps you audit your GTM containers in seconds.

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Google Tag Manger Best Practices: 10 tips

Created on: 20/08/2020

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can be difficult to master, especially if you are managing a large website or if you are working as part of a team. Understanding if what you’re doing is actually the right thing to do can be also frustrating, but with the following tips, we hope you can hone your skills and get better at using this fantastic tool.

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