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created on: 09/11/2020

Remember the feeling you had when working on that huge Google Tag Manager account with loads of containers that had 100+ tags, triggers and variables? It seemed like you’re floating in space with no control over what information you were collecting from your website or what data was leaving your business.

This is exactly why we’ve created Taggernauta: it is an online data governance tool that helps you audit your GTM containers in seconds and allows you to schedule audits so that you don’t have to go through your accounts manually again, making you save countless hours! Also, you don’t need to have any technical skills or to be a developer to use this tool – everything is simplified for everyone to use. It also provides bespoke recommendations and a checklist of actions to improve your GTM setup, so that you can start to collect better data.


  • Automated Audits
  • Taggernauta takes the pain away from auditing your website’s tags configuration, so that you save hours – if not days – worth of work and use them on driving change through data analysis and exploration. By selecting what account and container to audit, you will get a file that is easy to download and analyse, so that you know what data you are collecting and where you are doing so.

  • Scheduled audits
  • With Taggernauta you have the ability to schedule audits on a weekly, monthly or custom basis. Simply select the account and container and when to run the audit. You will then automatically receive the audit directly in your inbox. You can also go back and analyse past audits to look for changes and patterns.

  • Bespoke recommendations
  • After running your Google Tag Manager audit, you will be able to get recommendations and a list of actions to implement that will help you improve your GTM setup. There is also a handy visualization tool to analyse tags and triggers that are in use.

  • Tag Monitor – BETA
  • The latest feature on Taggernauta is a complete tag monitor system. This allows you to publish a tag on your container that collects information on all other tags, i.e. whether they are firing correctly, how long they take to fire and in what pages they fire. In this way, you’ll have full control over all data collected on your website. This feature is still in Beta version, but it will be released soon to all users.

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